Welcome to the LIGCSA website.  These pages have been designed to provide information on a variety of subjects for both members of our association and the person with a general interest in the management of fine turf.  Long Island's golf courses hold a special place in the history of golf and the superintendents who have managed these courses have helped tremendously in shaping the game.  The turfgrass management professionals represented here are the ones who manage or assist in the management of some of the finest courses in the world. 

       Golf Course Superintendent: An individual entrusted with the management of a tract of land 
                                                           that is used for the game of golf. 

       The word superintendent can be broken down phonetically into three parts.  The first part, super, is root to such words as suprise and superior, otherwise meaning above all else.  The second part, inten, is root of words like intend or intention meaning the person has a purpose to act on a certain topic or subject.  Finally, the third part, dent, is rooted in words like dental or denture meaning of the mouth.  In our case, it refers to the leadership using words which come from our mouths.  Put together, a superintendent is someone who leads in the management on a specific subject with their voices.  In our case, the subject is golf course management.  

       When you add the words "golf course" in front of that title, it changes the scope drastically.  A golf course superintendent can really be best defined as a jack of all trades.  Initally, an individual must have the foundation of basic agronomic knowledge.  Secondary subjects such as irrigation, chemistry, construction and mechanics also play an important part of their makup.  Finally, skills in communications, knowledge of the game of golf and a consistent work ethic sum up a person in the profession as a golf course superintendent.  This website was developed for the enhancement and promotion of the profession of golf course superintendent.

       Please take the time to look through our website for updates on meetings, employment and many other areas of interest.  Information for membership may be found by hovering over the HOME and then clicking on the JOIN THE LIGCSA sub-tab at the top of this page.  Links to association sponsors, industry partners and allied associations can also be found under the COMMUNITY tab.  We welcome people from all walks of life to peruse our page and learn more about our fine profession.  Thank you for visiting and welcome to the LIGCSA website.

Superintendent/Club Official Outing
Sands Point GC
Monday, September 14, 2015
Host Superintendent:
Pat Ryan

Poa/NYSTA/MetGCSA Annual Event
Meadow Brook Club
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Host Superintendent:
John Carlone

Assistant's Golf Outing
Rockville Links
Wednesday, October 15, 2015
Host Superintendent:
Luke Knutson


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